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Are you searching for a company to transport a loved one (or yourself) who has medical problems or physical difficulties that make it too challenging to take the usual forms of transportation such as taxi’s, buses, shuttles, etc?  We can help.


We can transport people who require wheelchair, scooter or stretcher transportation services to and from their local doctors, medical facilities or even hospitals. We go as far as Sarasota, Tampa, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale and Miami.  We also offer more simple transportation to local malls, grocery stores, churches, pharmacies, restaurants or simply any place you or your loved one wants to go.


We offer non-emergency transportation via an “Ambulette” (which is very similar to a non-emergency ambulance.) This vehicle is designed to facilitate not only those on stretchers but also those in wheel chairs.  Our Ambulette can transport your loved one in their wheel chair or scooter using a motorized lift for maximum comfort when entering and exiting the vehicle.  With wheelchairs and scooters we can transport up to two patients at a time.  We also have the ability to transport your loved one from one medical facility to another, even if they are even hundreds of miles apart; This is often the best choice for those who are on stretchers.


If your loved one normally uses a wheel chair but has the physical ability to enter and exit a vehicle with assistance, we can transport them via SUV and place their wheelchair in the back. This option works for some people because of the lower cost.

Registered Nurse

In instances where you feel that it would benefit the person being transported to have a registered nurse in the vehicle, we can provide one.

Quick Note About Us

We did not create this business as a get-rich-quick idea; Rather it came from the owner’s desire to help people, and became an extension of her care of patients when she was working at hospitals as a registered nurse.  She simply wanted to do more to help those in her community and to help assist people who were in need.  With that in mind, our goal is not simply to transport people, but to show care, compassion and the best of the human heart when assisting in transporting your loved ones and hopefully making a difference in their lives.

Medical Transportation
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